• Climb Marriner's Lookout

    155 Marriners Lookout Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233 .

    This is a walk for those who are looking for a good work out. The good news is the access gate is about only 1.5 kms north along the beach or Great Ocean Road from Apollo Bay township, then up a steep climb of another 1.5 km.

    Those who are brave and/or fit walk the whole distance, most drive to the access car park and walk from there. Whichever way you get there, all visitors are rewarded with a breathtaking panorama over Apollo Bay. This is a popular launch point for paragliders, and for those of more sedate disposition, a fantastic location for a picnic, or just to reflect on the beauty of nature

  • Play Golf/Explore Marengo Beach and Apollo Bay Harbour

    2 Breakwater Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Australia .

    Apollo Bay harbour has a very small fishing fleet but is the centre of attention for those who love seafood.

    The Apollo Bay Fisherman's Co-op is the place to buy fresh seafood. It provides fish and chip as well. It has had an excellent reputation for many years. Take a stroll along the pier where you are sure to encounter some doughty anglers determined to catch their personal best salmon or snapper without having the resident seals snatch their hard earned catch at the last minute.

    Admire the fleet of yachts that berth in Apollo Bay and imagine how you might skipper such a craft through the Bass Strait. Over the golf course and round the headland you can walk along Marengo Beach passing the Barham River estuary and watch the surf break over the reef marine sanctuary that lies some 500m offshore at this point.

    You can book a round of golf by calling the Pro Shop on +61 3 5237 6474.

  • Hit the Beach

    apollo bay beach .

    There are over 4 km of beach at Apollo Bay which is more than enough to enjoy a large part of it for you or your family. The main beach is patrolled in the summer for swimming and there are sections for fishing and plenty of room for the more adventurous who might want to kite surf or such like.

    There is always a healthy sea breeze to help take the heat off and help the kite surfers along their way. Then there's the vast areas of clean, safe sand for the kids to build castles and bury Dad! Simple, safe and affordable entertainment for all the family inApollo Bay.

  • Great Ocean Walk - Walk91

    8/157-159 Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Australia .

    The formal Great Ocean Walk is now 104 kms long; starts at Apollo Bay and runs to within view of the 12 Apostles. Weave through beautiful National Parks, walk deserted beaches and gaze over pristine marine sanctuaries.

    Step on and off the trail with convenience; you can sample the differing aspects of the total walk by taking short, manageable walks designed in loops.

    The start of Shelly Beach circuit walk is a only a 10 minute drive south of Apollo Bay and is an easy walk of 45 minutes mixing fern gullies with some wonderful ocean and beach outlooks.

    The Otway Lightstation cemetery and lookout walk is a further 20 minute drive from Shelly beach, skirts the cliffs of Cape Otway and will only take you about 40 minutes to complete. Continuing further, the Aire River Escarpment Lookout walk is about 30 minutes further south and illustrates a very different aspect of the coast. It's a medium difficulty walk of 2 hours which leads you along the Aire River Estuary and wetlands, over spectacular sand dunes to the beach.

    The Gable Lookout Walk is an hour's drive south from Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road. It's an easy 20 minute walk to the lookout platform built out over the cliffs; one of the most spectacular outlooks anywhere along the Shipwreck Coast.

    Wreck Beach walk is near Moonlight Head and is far and away the toughest of the short walks. You descend over 300 steps to the beach, being rewarded at the bottom with a the sight of a number of wrecked ships anchors embedded in the reefs.

  • marengo reefs marine sanctuary

    Marengo VIC 3233, Australia .

    Just past Apollo Bay, off the world famous Great Ocean Road, Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary protects 12ha of ocean waters. About 150m offshore, this sanctuary protects a reef system known as Little Henty Reef. Two sections of the reef, the inner and outer reef, are usually exposed and separated by a narrow channel known as 'The Gap'. Composed of

     sandstone they support wonderful intertidal and subtidal reefs which are packed with sea life.

    Visitors exploring the intertidal reef may come across many invertebrates including sea snails, tubeworms and abalone. In slightly deeper waters there are beautiful seaweed gardens including towering Bull Kelp forests and beds of delicate green and red species. Between the two small islands, calmer waters support colourful soft corals, sponge gardens and sea urchins. The diverse range of habitats provides resources for a huge range of species.

    Conditions can change in parks for many reasons. For the latest information on changes to local conditions, please visit the relevant park page on the Parks Victoria website.

    Be bushfire ready in the great outdoors. Refer to the Bushfire Safety section on the Parks Victoria website for tips on how to stay safe.

  • Visit Cape Otway Light House

    Lighthouse Road, Cape Otway Victoria, Australia .

    Right on the very tip of Cape Otway is the Cape Otway Lightstation. It is the oldest surviving lighthouse on mainland Australia and commenced operation in 1848.

    You can explore the Lightstation on your own or take a guided tour. If you are feeling fit and you are not afraid of heights you can climb to the top of the lighthouse and watch out for ships and whales.

    The Lightstation is a wonderful place to take photographs of the wild Southern Ocean which surrounds Cape Otway. Whales are regular visitors to the vicinity and the managers keep a record of when and how many are spotted.

    Before you even get to the Lightstation you are very likely to have seen Koalas along the Great Ocean Road. They are often seen browsing on gum leaves in the trees on the edge of the woodland on the road from Apollo Bay.

    The land on which the Lightstation stands is the traditional home of the Gadabanud people and there is plenty on display around the lighthouse-keepers accommodation to learn about this isolated but resorceful aboriginal clan.

    At the end of the visit you can enjoy a snack and cup of coffee in the Cafe.

  • Foreshore Reserve

    Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Australia .
  • Apollo Bay Saturday Market

    Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre, Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay VIC, Australia .

    Apollo Bay Market is held each Saturday morning throughout the year, provided the weather permits, and is located right next to the Visitor Information Centre on the foreshore. 

    Most of the stall holders have been selling their wares at the market since its inception in the late 1970's which makes for a really friendly buzz about the place. All of the products sold are locally made and/or grown and reflect the rich heritage enjoyed in the Apollo Bay region.

    Around the market site are located some interesting wood carvings and seats made by local crafts people and well worthy of a photograph or two. why not take a coffee from one of the local cafes and take a leisurely stroll around the market and see what's on offer. There's bound to be something to take home and remind you of your stay in Apollo Bay.

  • Enjoy a Relaxing Massage

    57-63 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay VIC, Australia .

    After a day of outdoor enjoyment around and about Apollo Bay, why not reward yourself with a relaxing massage at The Beyond Massage. You can visit them in the centre of town. Pamper yourself: there are treatments for:

    • body
    • face
    • scalp, hands and feet

    Go on...you deserve it!

  • Take a stroll along Apollo Bay beach

    Apollo Bay Beach, Apollo Bay VIC, Australia .

    It's possible to walk along the beautiful beach all the way to Skenes Creek, some 5km away. An easier walk of only 2.5km terminates where the Wild Dog Creek enters the ocean.

    Spend a few moments chatting to the anglers who you will undoubtedly encounter when you reach the Wild Dog Creek. We've all heard the legendary fisherman's tale about the one that got away!

    In the late winter and early spring Southern Right Whales visit the coast of South West Victoria to give birth. They are very of ten sighted off the beaches at Skenes Creek and Apollo Bay.

    The Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre on the foreshore at Apollo Bay keeps a log of whale sightings during the season and a visit there in the morning before setting off for your days activities will help you identify where you might best be able to make your own sighting.

  • Tour Apollo Bay by Foot

    Apollo Bay VIC, Australia .

     It's easy to plan a walk of 5 or 6 kms around the streets of Apollo Bay township. There are no major inclines within the main part of town so the walk would be classified as easy to moderate. Over the last few years as access from Melbourne has improved and the journey time has decreased, many people from Melbourne spend the weekend pursuing the popular sport of holiday house hunting.  You can enjoy play skating in our skate park, or have a fun with kids in our outdoor playground. You also can enjoy shopping in many different types of shops that are along the Main street including gift shops, cafe, restaurant, bakery, pubs etc. 

  • Ride the Otway Odyssey

    Apollo Bay VIC, Australia .

    This annual (usually February) 100 km mountain bike marathon starts in Apollo Bay and finishes up in picturesque Forrest at the top of the Otway Ranges.

    Riders first climb the hills surrounding Apollo Bay, taking in the spectacular views if they can catch their breath before heading into the Otway rainforest on their way through to Forrest and the 67 km point.

    Then they speed into the world renowned Yaugher track for a 20km blast around the trails before returning to Forrest at the 87km mark.

    The next stage takes in a steady 4WD track climb before leading them down possibly the best track on the course, through the trees to the base of the Sledgehammer. That completes the 100km race but there are 50km and 10km races if you don't feel up to the big one.

  • Take a trip to paradise on your bike

    Apollo Bay VIC, Australia .

    The ride to the car park that serves at the starting point for the Marriner's Falls walk is around 10km from Apollo Bay. The road is largely flat and passes through some truly wonderful water meadows with forest views as you reach the end.

  • Visit the Twelve Apostles and Port Campbell

    12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia .

    At the very start of the eastern end of the Shipwreck Coast and about a 1.5 hours drive away from Apollo Bay stand the Twelve Apostles.

    The Twelve Apostles are giant rock stacks that rise majestically from the Southern Ocean and are the central feature of the rugged Port Campbell National Park. They have been created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs over many millions of years.

    The stormy Southern Ocean and blasting winds gradually eroded the softer limestone, forming caves in the cliffs. The caves eventually became arches and when they collapsed, rock stacks up to 45 metres high were left isolated from the shore.

    There is a well equipped visitor centre nearby and many viewing platforms to take full advantage of the panorama.

    The Shipwreck Coast is named after the many ships and lives that were lost in this area in the 19th century before lighthouses were built to guide the mariners safely through the Bass Strait.

    On the way to the Twelve Apostles from Apollo Bay, why not visit the Cape Otway Lightstation which is the oldest surviving lighthouse in mainland Australia. The light, which has been in continuous operation since 1848, is perched on towering sea cliffs where Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean collide. For thousands of immigrants, after many months at sea, Cape Otway was their first sight of land after leaving Europe.

    Next stop on the road is Johanna beach to see some big waves crashing ashore. This beach hs been used as an alternative during the world surf championships when Bells Beach conditions are unsuitable.

    After visiting the Twelve Apostles a stop in Port Campbell is worth considering as it has a good range of dining and shopping options. Beyond Port Campbell and close to Peterborogh is the magnificent Bay of Islands Coastal Park that stretches over 30km towards Warrnambool. You can return to Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road head back inland through the lakes district of Colac and on to Apollo Bay through the Great Otway National Park.

  • Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

    360 Phillips Track, Ferguson VIC 3237, Australia .

    The 600 metre-long, 25 - 30 metre-high elevated walkway provides unrivalled views of the unique beauty of the region’s flora and fauna, from the rainforest floor up into the soaring heights of the treetops.

    Don’t miss the 47 metre tall Spiral Tower and the cantilever perched above Young’s Creek – a truly exhilarating experience as you gently sway with the rainforest canopy.

    Fast Facts:

    • The Rainforest and Treetop Walk is 1.9km and takes approximately 1 hour to complete
    • The Treetop Walk operates in most weather conditions – open rain, hail or shine! The Treetop Walk will only be closed in severe weather conditions such as lightning storms and high winds.
    • A courtesy shuttle service between the Visitor Centre and the Treetop Walk runs every hour, on the hour between and is available to assist the mobility impaired
    • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear
    • Last entry for Treetop Talk is 3:30pm
    • Children under 3 are free of charge and prams are welcome on the Treetop Walk